These classes develop a holistic approach to training. Our curriculum includes weekly learning objectives where we encourage our students to develop confidence and other key life skills.

The dance training will focus on a blend of genres packaged into bite sized combinations. They will practice basic technique, stretches, cardiovascular fitness and expression! Most of all, they’ll have a heap of fun learning how to explore movement.

Our singing component involves simple vocal technique and confidence when belting out those show tunes! If your performer is more interested in the singing aspect, we suggest booking into a Musical Theatre Class.

The drama element of this course includes drama activities and improvisation technique. Students will dive in and out of imaginary worlds, channeling creative energy to act out exciting situations. We introduce basic poems and act out children’s literature to enhance their storytelling abilities.

Our courses have no exams or grading. Instead we expose these performers to the most relevant test of all: the stage!

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