Yoga for Youngsters Term 1

We still have some places left in the Term 1 Yoga for Youngsters class. Contact us on [email protected] for more info on how to register

Yoga is a holistic practice that addresses the body and the mind. Yoga is not only great for adults, but for children as well.
Yoga can help children to;
– manage anxiety and other challenging emotions
– practice mindfulness
– improve concentration and memory
– develop strength, coordination and flexibility
Yoga is different to other physical activities in that it is non-competitive. In this sense, yoga practice can foster self-compassion and encourage good self-esteem.
Although yoga practice is generally a gentle space for self reflection and self care, it can also be a space for having fun and not taking yourself too seriously!
Our teacher Francesca Hopkins, is very experienced with childrens yoga – she has a caring and calm manner that is helpful when dealing with different abilities and needs.