Move well, move more, become fit, strong and capable to get the most out of your life!

At Bodyneed we are passionate about getting you moving and keeping you moving. Our team of coaches and physiotherapists work together to offer holistic support for life, so you can move better and do more than ever before.

Bodyneed is owned by Karen Finlayson, a movement trainer who, 18 years ago, began her journey to better health and movement and launched Bodyneed. Initially just offering sports massage Karen’s integrative approach with other health practitioners led to the idea of a multi-discipline clinic in 2008. Read more about Karen here.

Now we are able to offer complete, cohesive body care for life, with group fitness, personal training, nutrition and physiotherapy all in one convenient location.

This combination has been proven to provide longer lasting results, and our expert team works together, guaranteeing you the best holistic care.

To book a class or session visit Bodyneed’s website here